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Vedic Daily Routine

Prakruti comes to life everyday at the crack of dawn throughout the year.   Charming, colorful birds with their incessant chirping give us a melodious wake-up call and our journey towards healthy transformation begins at 5.00 am.  All treatments, panchakarma sessions and Yoga sessions are thoughtfully designed and organised as per the schedule, stipulated in the Ayurvedic scriptures.

TimeType of treatmentDetails
5 am. to 7 am.Niruha-BastiThis is a medicated decoction and it is administered on the empty stomach.  This is the cleansing process of the stomach performed in order to excrete toxic elements.
NasyaThis medication is administered through our nose, which is regarded as the entrance to our brain.  Drops of medicated oil are administered through the nose in order to energise the Adnya-chakra.
GandushaThis treatment is all about oral cleansing and improving the resistance power.  It is the medicated decoction administered to energise the vishuddhachakra (swara-yantra or vocal cords)
AnjanThis is a wonderful ayurvedic medical preparation which is applied in the eyes to provide energy to our eyes and clean the eyesight.   This is applied with specially made glass rod called ʹshalakaʹ
DhoompaanIn this treatment specially made medicated smoke is inhaled through the nose and exhaled orally.  This is given for cleansing of the entire respiratory system and to remove obstacles if any.
LepanUnder this therapy, medicated paste is applied on your face according to the  seasonal requirements. This treatment provides very nice glow and freshness to your face. 
9.30 am. to 1.30 pm.AnuvasanaThis treatment is known as the highly powerful remedy to remove the excessive proportion of vaata from our body.
Snehan / MassageSnehan or oleation treatment is highly effective in loosening the body.  It refreshes our muscles, cells and veins.  As a result the blood circulation improves and we feel energetic.
SwedanThis therapy involves sweating induced by the steam.   The purpose is to liquefy the toxins and make them to flow to the koshtha (gastrointestinal tract).  Swedan therapy is applied in different ways, e.g., nadi sweda, panda sweda, patra pottali and valuka sweda. Appropriate type of swedan is applied according to the health conditions of the patient.
2.30 pm. to 5 pm.DharaaDhara, better known as shirodhara, involves gentle, yet incessant pouring of medicated oil, butter milk or herbal decoction, the way we perform the abhisheka on the Shivalingam. This is performed to energise the adnya-chakra.  It also has immense impact on the nervous system and it provides calming to your mind.
BastiThis treatment is administered to balance and nurture the vata-dosha.  There are different types of basti, viz. Janu (knee)/Kati (waist)/ Manya (special oleation of neck)/Prishtha (back)/Nabhi (Naval)/Shiro (head)/Hriday (heart)/Ansa (shoulder joints)/Vankshan  (HIP)/Udar (stomach)/Khuba (hip joints).
Instead of small wheat dough cotton is  used to provide gentle toasting of above body parts.  This treatment provides great relief from pains. 
Lepan (to other body parts)Lepan therapy is also performed on the other body parts such as joints, chest, waist where pains and inflammatory conditions are experienced.  Ingredients of the paste are determined according to the nature of  the body disorder.
6.00 pm.Jentak swedanJentak swedan therapy is a part of 13 different swedan treatments, mentioned in the Ayurveda.  In order to administer this treatment effectively, we have developed special huts.  This is highly innovative and effective procedure evolved by us and we are perhaps the pioneers of this procedures in India.
9:30pm to 6:00pmMatra-bastiThis therapy is performed to provide oiling to the intestine and to strengthen its function.  This is given according to the birth date of the patient, before going to bed.  It works well overnight and provides extra power to Niruhabasti.  
Karna-pooranFew drops of special medicated oil are poured in the ears to subside the vata in the body and provide good health to the ears.
PadabhyangaSpecial castor oil is used  to reduce the heat in the body with the help of kasya (bronze) metal.
Medicated waterThis is given twice a day.  It comprises special therapeutic herbs  such as dhana/Musta and it is given in order to detox you.
RaktamokshanThis is basically blood purification process. It is used to treat impure blood related issues, pigmentation issues, scars, wounds, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis etc.
YonidhavanSpecial therapeutic herbs such as pimpalpan quath (peepal tree leaves catechu) are used in this treatment to reduce the problems of faced by the women such as white discharge, heavy bleeding during the menstruation, anaemic condition and to make the beej-shuddhi (ayurvedic pre-conception treatment) given before conceiving the baby.
Talakta Lavan Oil based salts (for kapha related issues and breathing problems)
Head massageAs a part of  psychosomatic disorders, insomnia, hair-fall
Netra-tarpanTriphala-ghrut (ghee) is used for healthy eyes.
Adravya Chikitsa (Holistic Non-Pharmacological Treatment)
7.30 am.Yogasanas, pranayam, Dhyan (meditation) & Omkar sadhana
2.15 pm.Afternoon siesta (15 / 30 / 60 minutes duration) after meals
5.00 pm.Evening walk
7 pm. to 8 pm.Aarti, lecture (satsang)
2.00 pm.Yognidra
9.00 pm.Shatapavli (gentle walk after meals/dinner)
Different games such as tearing the paper with feet, throw-ball, rubber ring (ring tennis), sand filling, carom, badminton, chess, puzzle game etc. are organised during the leisure time.