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USP of Prakruti

  • Diagnosis and treatment plan based on Birth month of the patient (Birth month as per Gregorian calendar)

  • 13 – 15 Panchakarma rituals or sanskars performed on every patient, as  prescribed  in the Vedic treatises.

  • Each Panchakarma is done as per specific timeline,  as advised in the Ayurveda Samhita.

  • Unique and customised diet plan for every patient  (designed  after thorough study of his /  her   birth-month based  genetical and temperamental attributes and lifestyle)

  • Rare treatments like Jentak Swed

  • Complete treatment plan for every patient focusing the root cause of his / her disease  or disorder completely.  This is done with a view to eradicate his health issues. 

  • Preventive detox for lifestyle disorders and genetically related health issues