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Membership and Benefits


Thousands of patients visit us to get relief from their disease and disorders.  They experience phenomenal recovery and a real new beginning to their life.   Similarly, many healthy people with no health issues or known hereditary diseases in their family also visit this place regularly for a brief stay to get rejuvenated.  This preventive measure to keep oneself fit and healthy brings enormous benefits to every individual. 
We have therefore introduced attractive health membership packages for the family/groups and the corporate sector. 
The health membership offers the following benefits.

  • Benefit for the family who is keen to keep the entire family fit and healthy.

  • Benefit for the individual who is seeking to prevent diseases or disorders like arthritis, knee-pains, obesity, spine disorders, diabetes, blood-pressure, thyroid and so on.

  • Benefit for the individuals and / or for the families who want to visit at regular intervals and want certain basic treatments on a concessional basis.

  • The membership is transferable within a family.  That means any member in the family can avail the benefits.

  • Membership benefit for the patients or families who are suffering from chronic / recurrent disorders.

  • Benefit for those who get exhausted due to gruelling work schedules, continuous tiring travels, pollution and infection.

  • Benefit for those who are seeking vacation and real enjoyment in the tranquil environs and pure, unsullied nature.

  • Benefit for those who are keen to understand their birth-month based temperamental and genetic attributes and seek proper guidance on diet and lifestyle.

  • Prakruti’s expert doctors will be with you and your family to guide you as a family doctor on your lifestyle, diet etc.

  • This membership brings important benefits for the families who have some inherent health issues.

  • This membership helps the member to take care of their own health as well as health of their family. 

  • Membership is beneficial for those who have been advised by the doctors to take proper treatment every year.

  • Body detox and purification through appropriate Panchakarmas on regular basis, work as preventive measure and avoids threatening health issues. 

  • Membership is necessary because it is important to stay fit rather than take a medical treatment after suffering from diseases.