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Why Prakruti?

Prakruti’s tagline “Feeling better”, reflects healthy and assured mindset of thousands of our visitors who have experienced the phenomenal  transformation in their health and overall life.   This is an exclusive  wellness center that provides healing touch, with passion, compassion and  complete attention.  Thousands of our  patients who visit us to get relief from chronic diseases.    We consider every treatment as the ʺsanskarʺ  on the patientʹs health.  As such every treatment that we provide is given with great care and consciousness.

We provide about 15 types of treatments, and extensive panchakarmas everyday for every individual, as prescribed in the ancient Ayurvedic samhitas or treatises.  This guarantees great relief to patient’s entire body on micro-level.   Patients suffering from diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, cardiac issues, knee-pains, spondylosis, rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis, slip-disc, osteoporosis, varicose veins, kidney stone, obesity, infirmity,  ulcers, gastrointestinal diseases, cancer, stress, depression and so on, have experienced phenomenal health recovery and astonishing transformation in themselves, after undergoing the treatment at Prakruti.

Prakruti’s wellness facilities are developed on a total area of five acres. Our set-up includes accommodation facilities in a different category, restaurant facility, yoga and meditation centre, treatment rooms for Panchakarma, massage.  We take utmost care to serve nutritive food that complies with the prescribed diet plan. We are very alert and attentive about hygiene and cleanliness everywhere.