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  • Decent and pleasant ambiance

  • Excellent hygiene and cleanliness  maintained in the kitchen and  restaurant

  • We ensure ideal and sumptuous food as specified by the Ayurveda, which includes variety of leafy green vegetables, a lentil or beans, a whole grain, salad, fresh buttermilk etc.

  • Every recipe that we prepare is tasty, delicious and more importantly it is healthy because it is prepared as per the guidelines given in the Ayurvedic scriptures.  For example, the garlic is soaked in the buttermilk, overnight before it is used in any recipe as an ingredient.

  • We also serve some innovative varieties like “poushtik bhel” which is utterly delicious and healthy.  It complies with all the guidelines given in the Ayurvedic scriptures.

  • All food varieties are prepared by using the best quality naturally rich and hygienic raw material

  • No food preservatives or use  artificial essence and colours

  • Natural rock salt used for cooking

  • Fresh food  cooked every morning and evening

  • Seasonal diet as per Ayurveda guidelines

  • Special Diet Plan For Weight Loss

  • Highly  skilled and hygiene conscious staff in the kitchen

  • Highly courteous and prompt service