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Fatty Liver

What is Fatty Liver?
Fatty liver and Liver cirrhosis are commonly known liver-related diseases.   The liver plays a crucial role in our overall health.  It performs several important metabolic functions.  While it detoxifies and gets rid of various toxins from our body, it also functions as an accumulator to store different vitamins which are useful for a healthy life.  The liver has its own unique working system.  But with the consumption of excessive fat foods, irregularity in the meals or too much gap between the two meals, and wrong/unhealthy lifestyle, we hold the liver function to ransom.  It ceases to function to its best capacity.  As a result, the body’s metabolism process slows down and the disease called fatty liver occurs.   There are some other culprits who contribute to causing fatty liver.   (i) excessive anger or hotheadedness,  (ii) being over-anxious  (iii) over-analytical (iv) consumption of excessive sweet and oily/spicy food, and (v) lack of exercise are the other causes of fatty liver.

Why me?
Many people are haunted by this question.  They see quite a few people around of the same age group and with similar lifestyles or diet habits, yet they don’t face this problem.  Obviously, therefore Ayurveda suggests a more critical and in-depth assessment, which includes the naadpariksha and assessment of temperamental traits and genetic attributes according to birth-month related health factors of an individual.

How can you overcome it?
Fatty liver disease is reversible. Some important measures involve consumption of proper food, at regular intervals (Ayurveda advises a unique diet or food according to birth-month-related health factors and occupational requirements).   Ayurveda also prescribes certain important exercises and yogasanas as well as special oil massage before exercise, and special Ayurvedic medicines for about 3 to 6 months which tone up the liver function.  Some DOs & DON’Ts tips are given and easy Panchakarmas to be performed at home are taught.  For fatty liver patients,  2 to 7 days residential camp at our Health Resort is most useful.   Subsequently, the patients are advised to have a sonography test, Liver Function Test  (LFT), and Lipid Profile test every three months.   With these measures and treatment plans, the patient can completely recover from the Fatty Liver problem.

A journey towards a healthy life

  • We request you to use the following link https://zfrmz.in/7CEw4VxfyVorW6Mt2Dn7  and upload the necessary pathological reports and send the same to us.

  • We will study the same and our doctors will accord you an appointment for a direct clinical check-up according to your genetic characteristics, as prescribed in the Ayurveda scriptures, or share with you the necessary information telephonically about your health characteristics and counsel you about proper medication and lifestyle.

  • After direct check-ups or telephonic counselling the patients will be advised about medication, diet plan, and some household measures about basic panchakarma.

  • Booking is accepted for residential panchakarma treatment at Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort, after 8 days of medication.  After attending the residential panchakarma regimen the patients are advised about proper Ayurvedic medication and its dosage for the next 6 to 9 months.  Patients are also advised about the correct diet plans, DOs & DON’Ts, etc. Stay at a residential panchakarma camp varies from 2 days to 21 days, depending upon the nature & intensity of the disorder.

Salient features of Residential Panchakarma camp

Treatment for every patient is exclusively designed and individualized after a thorough study of his or her birth month and season in which he or she was born.  Accordingly, his genetic attributes are studied. 

Similarly, other aspects such as the profession or occupation of the patient, his lifestyle, the root cause of the disorder,  time span and intensity of health issue, etc. are taken into consideration.    Accordingly, every day 13 – 15 panchakarma treatments are rendered and complete training is imparted to perform yoga, pranayama, and meditation on regular basis.  The consulting doctors also suggest a proper diet plan and ideal lifestyle.

We recommend 2 to 7 days residential camp for the Fatty Liver patient. .   These packages include individual body detoxification & purification,  manashuddhi (mind-purification).  Considering all pathological tests and patients’ experience with the Ayurvedic medicines, the treatment plan is designed and 13 – 15 panchakarma sanskars are performed every day.  Similarly specific yogasanasdhyaan (meditation), Surya-namaskar, and pranayama are taught.