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Female Infertility

What causes this disorder?
There is a number of reasons why some women suffer from Female Infertility as per ayurveda.  Prominent amongst them are, (i) Irregular or prolonged menstruation   (ii) Ovulation dysfunction (iii)    PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease/ PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) (iv) Blockage in a fallopian tube, (v) Non-formation of the endometrium  (vi) sexual dysfunction (vii) Lack of sexual desire, (viii) Orgasmic dysfunction, (ix) Hormonal changes, (x) Different type of thyroid issues,  (xi) Disorders like Blood Pressure or Diabetes, (xii) Certain breast-related disorders (xiii) Excessive heat and (xiv)  White discharge (leucorrhoea).

Why me?
There are many reasons as per ayurveda. Some factors like late/delayed marriage, mental disturbance and stress, certain temperamental or behavioral deformities, serious differences in the marital life,  very low frequency in the intercourse, addiction, and irregular/improper lifestyle. excessive use of gadgets, excessive screen-time, lack of sexual awareness,  disappointment, wrong diet, and gastrointestinal diseases can cause hormonal changes/imbalance which ultimately leads to female infertility.

How can you overcome it?
After assessing all the pathological reports, our doctors plan a proper course of treatment.  This involves some hereditary traits.  Especially the menstruation history of the patient’s mother is taken into consideration.  Accordingly, the patient’s birth-month-related health & temperamental traits are taken into consideration.  In addition, abdominal examination, naadparkisha, and nadipariksha, are carried out, temperamental and psychological analysis is done and suitable medical treatment is designed.   A patient is given proper sexual guidance and counseling.  Tips are given for proper orgasmic satisfaction and proper frequency of intercourse. detox and weight-loss measures, positive thinking and proper lifestyle, etc. in order to have a natural conception.   In case of some inevitable circumstances if the patient is required to take the recourse of IVI or IVF, necessary residential panchakarma treatment is administered in order to ensure a better success rate.

Salient features of residential panchakarma camp
This is an exclusive course of treatment that includes 13-15 panchakarmas per day like total body purification & detox, yonidhavan (cleaning of the vaginal canal) yoni-dhoopan (fumigation of vulva and vagina), yoni-pooran (placing the tampoon soaked in medicated oil in the vagina), external coating of the lower abdomen, breast coating, Uttar-Basti (applying medicated oil or ghee into the uterine cavity.  This helps to improve pregnancy sustaining capacity of the patient.  Her menstruation cycle is improved.  Without necessary treatment there are many problems like pimples, hair-fall, heat generation,  constipation, waist/body ache or sore/heavy breast.  Therefore, patients get real benefits if they undergo the additional panchakarma treatment such as niruha-basti, nasya, gandusha, anjana, dhoomapaan, mukhalep, yogasanas, dhyaana (meditation), pranayama, mudra, massage, steam bath, shirodhara, jentak-swed, virechana, raktamokshan, matrabasti, karnapooran, padambhyanga, anjana are done at Prakruti everyday to the patient so that it will benefit them.