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Fungal Infections

Dermatosis (Skin Disease)

The term Dermatosis covers large number of skin related diseases, and skin problems that affect your health, beauty and complexion.   There are different kinds of itchy fungal infections and disorders like melasma, pimples or chronic skin issues known as  lichen planus, acne vulgaris, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and  highly distressing Vitiligo or leucoderma, which forms white patches on your skin due to loss of pigmentation. 

We find an extensive research on this in the ancient Ayurvedic scriptures. From the Ayurvedic point of view, all these diseases are an outcome of the imbalance or disharmony among the Tridoshas. In addition to different measures suggested by the Ayurveda, we add the most crucial dimension to treat these diseases.  It is the most individualized “birth-month related” treatment.  This helps us arrive at the chronological sequence. We can go back to the time of conception and come to know how the skin develops while being in the womb. The Ayurveda also thinks deep as to how the skin diseases occur due to stress and anxieties and advises different kind of lepanas (concoction of various herbal pastes applied on the affected part), ointments, sharirshodhana (body detoxification process to remove the imbalance in Tridoshas), raktamokshan (removing impurities in the blood).

Why me?
Our skin is supposed to be the largest organ of our body.  It is made up of seven layers as per ayurveda. There is an interesting mechanism, which removes the dead cells and produces the new cells.  This is a continual process.  While treating these disorders, we give due consideration the patient’s diet or food habits and lifestyle.  This helps us arrive at the root cause as to what must have gone wrong in formation of good, healthy skin.   Accordingly appropriate treatment plan is designed.  

As a matter of fact, the fungal infection occurs by the innumerable fungi that exist in our surroundings.   A particular individual in the family gets affected by it but the others may not have infection.   That’s why study of patient’s dietary habits is important.   Diseases like psoriasis are known to be autoimmune diseases and they also occur due to stress and anxieties.  In other words, they are psychosomatic disorders.  Many times, with some piecemeal treatment with the help of certain steroid, such diseases are repressed.  But they bounce back.  Ayurveda, on the other hand, strives to get rid of it completely.
How can you get rid of it?
With scientific and holistic approach, we design an individualistic treatment, which involves a particular diet plan involving healthy,  nutritional food and meditation to attain piece of mind.  This helps in producing pure, healthy blood.  Additionally, certain ayurvedic medicines, processes like virechana to be done at home,  are taught to remove the impurities in the blood and balancing of the tridoshas.  In addition to this specific medicate oil/cream or medicated ghee is given to be applied on the affected skin area.  We have also developed a special soap made from essential oil.  Moreover, with specific medicated lepan and raktamokshana, the process of blood purification is stimulated.  And most importantly, we suggest specific customized after studying patient’s body constitution and temperamental attributes according to his birth-date.  We administer 7 days of body detox treatment and diseases like psoriasis are treated within 15 to 45 days, wherein special “Kuti-praveshik rasayan” treatment is given.  With this extensive treatment plan, all types of skin diseases are cured.   Treatment tenure and specification differs from person to person depending on the intensity and nature of his skin disease.

A journey towards a healthy life

  • We request you to use the following link https://zfrmz.in/7CEw4VxfyVorW6Mt2Dn7  and upload the necessary pathological reports and send the same to us.

  • We will study the same and our doctors will accord you an appointment for direct clinical check-up according to your genetic characteristics, as prescribed in the Ayurveda scriptures or share you the necessary information telephonically about your health characteristics and counsel you about proper medication and lifestyle.

  • After direct check-ups or telephonic counseling the patients will be advised about medication, diet plan, and some household measures about basic panchakarma.

  • Booking is accepted for residential panchakarma treatment at Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort, after 8 days of medication.  After attending the residential panchakarma regimen the patients are advised about proper Ayurvedic medication and its dosage for the next 6 to 9 months.  Patients are also advised about the correct diet plan, DOs & DON’Ts, etc. Stay at Prakruti for a residential panchakarma camp varies from 2 days to 21 days, depending upon the nature & intensity of the disorder.

Salient features of Residential Panchakarma camp
Treatment for every patient is exclusively designed and individualized after a thorough study of his or her birth month and season in which he or she was born.  Accordingly, his genetic attributes/body constitution are studied. 

Similarly, other aspects such as the profession or occupation of the patient, his lifestyle, the root cause of the disorder,  time span and intensity of health issue, etc. are taken into consideration.    Accordingly, every day 13 – 15 panchakarma treatments are rendered and complete training is imparted to perform yoga, pranayama, and meditation on regular basis.  The consulting doctors also suggest a proper diet plan and an ideal lifestyle.

Considering the type of skin disease, its intensity  and chronic  nature we recommend the tenure of residential panchakarma treatment.

  • For minor type of skin problems or less intense diseases we suggest two days residential body-detox treatment and advice certain measures to be taken at home.

  • For chronic diseases like psoriasis or lichen planus or so on, the tenure of residential treatment may vary from 7 days to 45 days, as the case may be.

  • This exclusive treatment involves use of herbal medicines like brahmi, sapras, kal-karmayog and panchakarmas like, basti, virechana, ghrutpaan, vaman, raktamokshana, udvartan/ body scrub, body wrap, rasayana-chikitsa and kuti-praveshik rasayan chikitsa.  Patients can get detail idea about their treatment plan, from our doctors.