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Gout Treatment

A gout is a typical form of arthritis where the patient suffers severe pains and swelling near his toe or at the ankle or near the thumb of the hand.  Sometimes there are pains in the other joints too.  These symptoms warrant a blood test to check if the uric acid is disproportionately high.  The patients are advised to give up protein-rich foods, especially non-veg. food, pulses,  paneer and so on.  These are the general measures but seldom do we think as to why my uric acid gets increased, despite the fact that so many people around are avid non-veg.  eaters.

Why me?
Uric acid is generally caused due to improper metabolism, especially of proteins.  It causes pains in the joints.  Doctors generally advise avoiding the protein-rich food and prescribe certain medicines to alleviate your pains.   It may give you temporary relief.  Ayurveda, on the contrary, gives a careful thought as to why the patient’s metabolism is affected.  Metabolism of proteins occurs in two stages (1) the proteins are digested and they are absorbed in the blood  (2) the conversion of proteins through the blood plasma.   Ayurveda attributes indigestion due to extensive and grueling traveling schedules, irregularity in the meals, and consumption of too spicy or oily food.
At Prakruti we add a very important dimension to this chikitsa (critical assessment)  as specified in the ancient Ayurvedic treatise and that is about birth-month related physical and temperamental attributes.   This helps us arrive at the root cause of the patient’s illness.  It makes our treatment plan, diet plan, and panchakarma sanskars really perfect.   This includes some digestive medicines to work on the function of the liver and small intestine, some herbal medicines for calming of the mind,  virechana  (purgation) at home, and residential panchakarma treatment.   All these efforts culminate in a phenomenal cure of gout and the patient does not experience an increase in uric acid, despite consuming all types of proteins.

A journey towards a healthy life

  • We request you to use the following link https://zfrmz.in/7CEw4VxfyVorW6Mt2Dn7 and upload the necessary pathological reports and send the same to us.

  • We will study the same and our doctors will accord you an appointment for direct clinical check-up according to your genetic characteristics, as prescribed in the Ayurveda scriptures or share you the necessary information telephonically about your health characteristics and counsel you about proper medication and lifestyle.

  • After direct check-ups or telephonic counseling the patients will be advised about medication, diet plan, and some household measures about basic panchakarma.

  • Booking is accepted for residential panchakarma treatment at Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort, after 8 days of medication.  After attending the residential panchakarma regimen the patients are advised about proper Ayurvedic medication and its dosage for the next 6 to 9 months.  Patients are also advised about the correct diet plan, DOs & DON’Ts, etc. Stay at Prakruti for a residential panchakarma camp varies from 2 days to 21 days, depending upon the nature & intensity of the disorder.

Salient features of Residential Panchakarma camp

Treatment for every patient is exclusively designed and individualized after a thorough study of his or her birth month and season in which he or she was born.  Accordingly, his genetic attributes/body constitution are studied. 

Similarly, other aspects such as the profession or occupation of the patient, his lifestyle, the root cause of the disorder,  time span and intensity of health issue, etc. are taken into consideration.    Accordingly, every day 13 – 15 panchakarma treatments are rendered and complete training is imparted to perform yoga, pranayama, and meditation on regular basis.  The consulting doctors also suggest a proper diet plan and an ideal lifestyle.

Considering the root cause, we administer the panchakarma treatments and medicines to facilitate the secretion of digestive juices for protein metabolism, stimulate liver function, cleansing of the digestive system, purification of blood.  The 13-15 panchakarmas include the Niruha Basti, Massage, Swedan, and all the necessary treatments specified in the vedic dinacharya (daily regimen).  This works on metabolism on a minute scale.  Similarly, treatments like lepan  , snehanswedan / patrapotali are  given to subside the swelling and  pains in the joints.   Seven days residential panchakarma camp is very useful and effective for gout patients, as it works on a decline in uric acid formation.  Subsequently, treatments are given to strengthen the bones, and all this results in a total cure for gout.