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Male Infertility

What is this disorder?
Male infertility occurs as per ayurveda due to problems such as inferior sperm, low sperm count, abnormality in the sperm,  dead sperm, low mobility of the sperm, lack of sexual desire,  premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low frequency of intercourse, and varicocele.

Why me?
There are many reasons.   Some factors like late/delayed marriage, mental disturbance, and stress, certain temperamental or behavioral deformities, serious differences in the marital life,  very low frequency of the intercourse, addiction, and irregular/improper lifestyle. excessive use of gadgets, excessive screen-time, lack of sexual awareness,  disappointment, wrong diet, and gastrointestinal diseases can cause male infertility.

How can you overcome it?
After assessing all the pathological reports and necessary clinical examination we try to analyze the root cause of sperm deformity or the lack of it.  Accordingly, the necessary treatment plan is devised.  Similarly, the patient is given proper sex awareness, counseling, detox at home, and an ideal lifestyle.  After attending the residential panchakarma camp at Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort, male infertility can be overcome and the patient develops the capacity to have a natural conception.

A journey towards a healthy life

  • We request you to use the following link https://zfrmz.in/7CEw4VxfyVorW6Mt2Dn7 and upload the necessary pathological reports and send the same to us.

  • We will study the same and our doctors will accord you an appointment for a direct clinical check-up according to your genetic characteristics, as prescribed in the Ayurveda scriptures, or share with you the necessary information telephonically about your health characteristics and counsel you about proper medication and lifestyle.

  • After direct check-ups or telephonic counselling, the patients will be advised about medication, diet plan, and some household measures about basic panchakarma.

  • Booking is accepted for residential panchakarma treatment at Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort, after 8 days of medication.  After attending the residential panchakarma regimen the patients are advised about proper Ayurvedic medication and its dosage for the next 6 to 9 months.  Patients are also advised about the correct diet plans, DOs & DON’Ts, etc. Stay at a residential panchakarma camp varies from 2 days to 21 days, depending upon the nature & intensity of the disorder.

Salient features of Residential Panchakarma camp

Treatment for every patient is exclusively designed and individualized after a thorough study of his or her birth month and season in which he or she was born.  Accordingly, his genetic attributes/body constitution are studied.  

Similarly, other aspects such as the profession or occupation of the patient, his lifestyle, the root cause of the disorder, time span and intensity of health issue, etc. are taken into consideration.    Accordingly, every day 13 – 15 panchakarma treatments are rendered and complete training is imparted to perform yoga, pranayama, and meditation on regular basis.  The consulting doctors also suggest a proper diet plan and an ideal lifestyle.

Considering the root cause, we administer the panchakarma treatments like niruha-basti, matra-basti, Uttar-basti, shirodhara, raktamokshan, virechana for weight loss (if needed).  This basti is given as per the guidelines of The CharakSamhita (Rishi Charak’s treatise on the Ayurveda) and the Ashtangahriday Granth.   After attending the residential camp ranging from 2 to 15 days (as the case may be), the patient gets a new vigor and vitality and becomes fit to conceive a baby.  His pathological reports are assessed again and after they are found normal, he is given proper guidance and counseling for conception.